Workshops for MOMS Clubs & Play Groups

Our workshops for MOMs Clubs and play groups are a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about nature through hands-on exploration, crafts and excursions.

We have hosted many engaging workshops over the past several years and will make sure that your children have a great time making new discoveries.

If you would like to organize a workshop, it's easy and we can help you make the event a great success. 


Spring Workshops

Honey Bee workshop for ChildrenBusy, Busy Honey Bees

Honeybees are amazing insects and children will learn all about the life of a honey bee in this hands-on workshop. We will examine real (but deceased) bees, take a close look at honey comb from a hive, dress up like a bee keeper and learn the bee dance (Yes, bees actually dance!). Children will also experiment with how the bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers.

Best suited for children ages 2 to 6.

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Birds and Nests Workshop for ChildrenBirds, Nest and Eggs

Spring is a wonderful time to learn about birds as they are chirping all around us. Find out how they build their nests and how you can help them. Do you know what birds live in your backyard or the park? Children (and adults) will learn how to identify common birds and take home a picture chart as a guide. We will also try our hand at making bird nests from natural materials and decorate a bird for our nest.

Best suited for children ages 3 to 8.

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Workshop Options

30-minutes - $9 per child
45 minutes- $11 per child
60 minutes - $15 per child


All workshops can take place both outdoors and indoors. We can bring the workshop to your location or a nearby park or nature preserve. Smaller groups of up to 10 children also have the option to enjoy the workshop at our location in West Chester.

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