Our Story & Vision

Bringing Children and Nature Together

We believe that children need nature as much as they need food and sleep. Nature provides a balance to the fast-paced world we live in. And given the opportunity, children can learn to slow down and use and develop all their senses when outdoors. We owe it to our children and future generations to teach them about nature and make it part of their lives, just as we experienced it when we were growing up.

It is our vision to share the joys and wonders of nature with all the children and their families in the Chester County and beyond. Just as fireflies light up the evening sky during the early weeks of summer, we want to light up the eyes of children as they discover the wonderful world of nature.

Little Sprout’s Village offers classes, workshops and summer camps for children ages 2 to 8 that take a child on a journey exploring the wonders of nature through cooking, gardening, art and outdoor adventures. Every class will spark their curiosity, ignite their creativity, and teach them to live their lives in harmony with the natural world around them.


How we do it
We believe that young children need to first and foremost understand the world around them before they begin the process of formal learning. Children, as well as adults, learn best by doing, which is why our classes are set up so that children use all of their senses to explore, discover and experiment with whatever comes their way…creepy crawlers, fascinating fall leaves, yummy fruits and vegetables, etc.

Our small class sizes afford children the opportunity to follow their interests and build on the knowledge they already posses. Our lessons are not etched in stone and can be adjusted to follow the children’s energy and interests.

We serve families, schools and childcare programs in Chester County, PA. From our classes to our office, we pride ourselves in using local resources as much as possible, whether it is cooking with locally grown vegetables or printing our brochures. We are always looking for new schools and businesses to team up with and help grow our little village.


About Noreen
Noreen Greimann is the founder and president of Little Sprout’s Village.

Originally from a rural farming village outside Leipzig, Germany, Noreen moved to the United States in 1995 and has been working with young children as a nanny, teacher and director of a childcare program. Her passion for the natural world has influenced her many teaching experiences, whether making homemade bread and butter for a Thanksgiving celebration, starting a small vegetable garden on the playground or turning walks into a nature adventure.

Since becoming a parent to her daughter Jocelyn in 2009, Noreen has come to realize how challenging it can be, as a parent, to involve children with nature and teach them about the world of healthy food and nutrition. So she decided to take action and “Little Sprout’s Village” was born.